Why use our PaaS? Because It’s Easy!

Developers can now concentrate on their core competency, not managing cloud infrastructure.


Zero Code Change Deploy

Deploy and run legacy monolithic applications and cloud-native microservices with no code changes and zero lock-in. The deployment can be easily performed using GIT or SVN with automatic updates, archives (zip, war, jar, ear) right from the dev panel or via integrated plugins like Maven, Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA.


Automated Server Installation via Intuitive UI and API

The production and dev environments are created in minutes within user-friendly topology wizard, or via API, SSH, CLI. Run Java, PHP, Python, Node.js, Ruby, .NET, Go, Docker Swarm or Kubernetes based applications using a rich variety of SQL and NoSQL databases, app servers, balancers and storage containers with no manual configurations required for installation.


Automatic Vertical and Horizontal Scaling

Elastic automatic scaling enables granular resource allocation based on the load level. This ensures high performance, application availability and uptime, at the same time, cost efficiency by paying only for really consumed resources.


Managed Clustered Solutions within Marketplace

Already prepackaged templates of clustered WordPress, Magento, MySQL, PostgreSQL, NGINX, Tomcat, GlassFish, WildFly, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes and other solutions are available in the Jelastic Marketplace. These highly-available clusters are automatically deployed, scaled and replicated, so require minimum efforts for support and management.


Single Point of Management

Intuitive user-friendly Dashboard makes it easy to create and manage your dev, test and production environments, control access to environments, monitoring cloud resource usage, setup automated scaing and alerts, custom domains and SSL, and firewall rules for inbound/outbound traffic.


Pay-As-You-Use Pricing Model

There is no need to reserve resources, as the platform allocates them automatically based on the current load and using a small scaling step (128 MiB of RAM and 400 MHz of CPU). As a result, the consumed resources are billed only but not the VM limits. There is also a free trial to get started with the cloud platform.

Supported Languages and Features

Easily create environments for your favourite programming language, application servers, relational and NoSQL databases, load balancers in a few clicks.

Wordpress Hosting

Supported Languages

Our platform supports your dev language out of the box.

  • Java (JDK6-11, OpenJDK, OpenJ9)
  • PHP (5.4 – 7.3)
  • NodeJS (6,8,9 & 10)
  • Python (2.7 – 3.7)
  • Golang (1.9 & 1.10)
Wordpress Hosting

Application Servers

All your application servers with auto-scaling & clustering.

  • Apache Web Server
  • NGINX Web Server
  • LightSpeed Web Server
  • Apache Tomcat Server
  • GlassFish Server
Wordpress Hosting

Database Servers

SQL and NoSQL database servers and clusters

  • MariaDB/MySQL/Percona
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB
  • CouchDB
  • Redis
Wordpress Hosting

Load Balancers

Woried about load balancing? We got you covered.

  • HA Proxy Load Balancer
  • NGINX Load Balancer
  • Apache Balancer
  • Varnish Cache
  • LiteSpeed Web ADC

Auto-Scalable Clustered Solutions in One Click

Wordpress & Magento Cluster

High Available, high-Performing, pre-configured and auto-scalable Wordpress & Magento cluster.

SQL/NoSQL DB Clusters

Pre-configured and auto-scalable MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MongoDB clusters out of the box.

TomEE and GlassFish Cluster.

Auto-Scalable ready-to-use TomEE and GlassFish Cluster with preconfigured load balancing

Docker Swarm Cluster

Get already pre-configured Standalone Docker Engine or Docker Swarm cluster just in one click.

Clustering and Load Balancing

A set of certified pre-configured load balancer stacks are available within the platform for out-of-box balancing.

Kubernetes Clusters

Scalable Kubernetes Clusters for Cloud-Native Applications with automated installation.

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